Richterberichte 2014

Reken, 10. August, SRA
Richter: Lynn Butler, USA

V2 + Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH

3yrs old blue male. Nice colour, nice size, well balanced. Corr. profile. Nice paralell plans, good topline and tail set, good ribs(?), good angulation. I´d like a little leaner head.


Bremen, 03. August, Nationale Rassehundeausstellung
Richter: Anna Kochan, PoLen

SG1 (Coopers allererstes SG – nach 8(!!!) V1 in Folge +Körung mit V)

Correct body propotion,. Strong male head but with round eyes. Correct ears. Not correct expression. Correct neck and topline. A bit straight angulation behind. Movement is correct enough.

Bremen, 02. August, 6. Internationale Rassehundeausstellung
Richter: John Ritchie, GB

V1 +Anw. Dt. Ch VDH

Mod. Size, masculine, good head length, parall. head planes, good stop, dark eye, well shaped, moderate neck, needs more front angel, good length, mod. hind ang., good tail length, moves soundly out and back, showed a steady side gait, tail carriage could be better.

Buchholz, 22. Februar
Richter: Yossi Guy, Israel

V1 +Anw. Dt. Ch VDH

2 1/2 years old male. Excellent type. Very good bone and bodypropotion. Masculin head. Correct ears and eyes. Typical expression. Excellent neck, correct topline and tailset. Well developed chest, good front and rear angulation. Flowing movement, a bit out of elbows
excellent coat, texture and colour.
In movement he carries tail too high.